All About Solicitors

A solicitor is an individual who has the qualifications and the capacity to deal with most legal matters. In order to become a solicitor one must have undergone legal studies or training and in some cases, must get certified before they can operate legally. Solicitors can perform most of the duties performed by the modern day lawyers and barristers and are mostly tasked with the provision of professional legal advice and guidance to their clients.

Who would need a solicitor and why would they need one?

Solicitors can be hired both by individuals and companies to offer a variety of services. For companies, they could assist with such things as developing different contractual agreements between the business and different stakeholders, representing the organisation in different business negotiations and even representing the companies whenever there are civil suits that are being handled by the lower level courts. However, should the matter graduate to higher courts, they are expected to hire barristers to represent their clients.

With respect to individuals, a solicitor can perform such duties as representing their clients in different negotiations, reviewing contracts before they are signed, developing contracts, advising clients on the implication of any new laws passed and to negotiate out of court settlements in the case of legal suits. They can also be tasked with matters relating to family law such as negotiating divorce agreements and child custody issues, personal injury cases such as those incurred at work and in some instances, they can deal with criminal law. wills and probate solicitors london are tasked with the development and execution of their clients' last wills and testaments.

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Types of solicitors

Solicitors are categorised based on the type of activities they specialise in. They include family law, personal injury, commercial law, conveyancing, wills and probate, immigration and employment law solicitors. There are also restructuring solicitors, real estate specialists, those into construction and engineering projects intellectual property solicitors and those who specialise in the banking and finance industry. Working with a solicitor who is specialises in a specific field gives you an advantage. The solicitors have extensive knowledge and skills in that field of specialisation, which gives you a higher likelihood of positive outcomes.

Benefits of using solicitors

Solicitors have undergone legal training and therefore, they have a deep understanding of different legal issues. They are therefore best suited to represent you in matters that may have legal implications. Solicitors also have indepth understanding and experience in different legal procedures, the timelines allowed for different actions, the documents required for each case and the evidence that would be sufficient to win the case. For a lay person, figuring this out on your own may be an uphill task, a factor that would jeopardise any case.

Choosing the best Solicitor

Besides the area of specialisation, they could be chosen based on their track record, their reputation in the market, the fees they charge for their services and their ability to take on more clients without straining their resources. You also need to consider their proximity to your home or office to ensure that you can easily access their services. Proximity is also important since different jurisdictions may have slight differences in procedures, required documents as well as qualifications to act as solicitors.